How would you like an extra 150-300 inbound calls and an extra 60-80 ups this week and every week from qualified buyers?

That’s exactly what our Automotive Power Ups program has done for car dealers just like you, across the country!

We offer various campaigns designed to bring in either new car buyers or to bring in more service business.  One of our most common campaigns is a buy-back campaign.  Here’s how it works:

  1. We reach out to 1000-1250 contacts from your database using a voicemail marketing campaign (96% listen rate), SMS (97% open rate) and email (23% open rate).
  2. Your BDC or sales team receives the calls and books the appointments.
  3. They show & you close.

All calls go through a tracking system for easy reporting.

Guaranteed Results!

Our Automotive Power Ups campaigns are so effective that we guarantee them!
When you run your first campaign, we charge $0.00 up front.  If, for any reason, you’re not happy with the results of your campaign, you owe us nothing.  When you are happy, you pay one flat fee, no matter how many cars you sell!

Why a Voicemail Marketing Campaign?

The average sales or BDC rep makes 8 dials per hour for 6.25 hours to set 1 appointment. It’s simply more efficient, more cost effective and more profitable to have them just answer calls from people who are already interested in what you have to offer.  It also doesn’t annoy your customers with the intrusion of a sales call.  The result is better relationships with your list, happier BDC and sales reps and more business in the door.

Can We Run Campaigns Without SMS?

Yes, however the response rate is substantially higher when we include SMS in the campaign.  If you’d like to omit SMS, we will substitute a 2nd voicemail marketing follow-up campaign for the SMS message.

What Other Kinds of Campaigns Do We Run?

  1. Sales Campaigns
    1. Buy-Back Campaigns (Sent to customers who bought a vehicle from you at least 12 months ago and who’s vehicle is at least 18 months old. While all campaigns we’ve done have been profitable, conversion rate is even higher if you can identify prospects who have equity in their vehicle.)
    2. Buy-Back Campaigns Sent to service customers with vehicles at least 18 months old
    3. Orphan Owner Campaigns
    4. B-Back Campaigns (NADA stats show that 67% of BBacks buy.  Sent to the 4 out of 5 prospects who leave the lot without buying, to try to get them back.  These can be new dealer incentive or rebate announcements, or simply a manager call apologizing for not being able to help them, but inviting them back in because you really want to help them get into that car. Or, just build some goodwill by personally thanking them for coming in.)
    5. New Owner Campaigns (Sent to new owners 7 days after their purchase, thanking them for the opportunity to serve them, inviting them in for parts and service and asking them for referrals)
    6. Conversion Optimization Campaigns (No matter what other kinds of advertising you’re doing, using our services in conjunction with your other campaigns will increase conversion. Next time you do a direct mail drop, consider sending one of our campaigns the same day, letting them know to expect a card from you, and giving that personal touch that gets you a higher ROI from every marketing dollar spent.)
    7. Seasonal and Holiday Sale Announcement Campaigns
    8. End of Lease Campaigns
    9. Sub-Prime Campaigns
    10. Bankruptcy Campaigns
  2. Service Campaigns
    1. Birthday Campaigns – Offering a service discount their birthday month (which can even be sent to cold lists who you’ve never done business with)
    2. Client Appreciation Campaigns – Send a personal invitation to both your sales and service clients, inviting them down to your next barbecue. Tell ’em to bring the whole family, or to invite a neighbor.
    3. Recall Announcement Campaigns
    4. Seasonal or Holiday Campaigns
    5. Service Reminder Campaigns -Can be sent 90 days after a vehicle purchase, or just 90 days after their last service.
    6. Service Customer ReActivation Campaigns
    7. Special Deals & Discounts Campaigns

Helpful Links & Downloads

  1. Overview, FAQ & Case Study from Las Vegas Hyundai, showing how our campaign generated 54 new car sales in just one month!
  2. FAQs related to TCPA, FCC & FTC Compliance –