Local Online Marketing

At the beginning of November 2010, Google changed the way their search results appear to users in so doing SIGNIFICANTLY increased the importance of Local Search Marketing. Not only does local search dominate the first page of Google, on a local business search, but it is the ONLY thing that shows up on a search conducted on a mobile phone.

How important is that?

Consider this…

  1. When you leave your home what are the three items you take with you? Your keys, your wallet your cell phone.
  2. As of December 2010 there are over 5 billion cell phone users vs. 1.8 billion internet users.
  3. Of these cell phone users, 51 million use smart phones they represent a more affluent demographic that can be easily targeted.
  4. For every 1 local business search done on a computer, 4 local business searches are done on a smart phone.
  5. In the US, mobile web use shot up 34% in just one year, between July '08 July '09, surging to 56.9 million that number continues to grow at an astounding pace!

Suffice it to say, when anybody, anywhere is doing a search for a local business, whether that is on their mobile phone, their tablet, or their home computer, they are ALL seeing the results that are at the top of local search. If you are not showing up there, you are losing business to your competitors.

So what drives one business to the top of local search, while another languishes at the bottom?

  1. Claiming, fully customizing, properly optimizing consistently updating your local places pages on Google, Yahoo Bing.
  2. Gathering a LOT of citations.
  3. Gathering a LOT of high quality customer reviews
  4. Marketing your local listing by building backlinks to that page

As you might imagine, since you will not be the only company that is trying to get top ranking for your type of business in your local area, proper Local Search Marketing requires an ongoing monthly effort, to out-market out-rank your competition.

Since the initial set-up of your local campaign requires considerably more work than the ongoing monthly effort, however, you will be happy to know that the monthly maintenance for local marketing is extremely affordable.

Finally, to keep your local listings active, the search engines need to see annual renewals of your listings. When local listings are not renewed, the search engines assume that the business has gone out of business they often delete the listings as a means of keeping their databases clean up to date. You'll be happy to know that annual renewals are performed for all clients who take advantage of our local monthly management services.

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