Social Media Marketing



Why bother with Social Media Marketing?

When you boil it all down, advertising is about getting your marketing message out to your target audience, as often as they will let you, without them getting tired of hearing the message. Social marketing, as other forms of online marketing, offers a very inexpensive way to reach a very large and extremely well targeted audience.

At any given moment, there are millions upon millions of people on Facebook or Twitter, participating in forums or Yahoo Answers, reading a blog, checking out a Squidoo lense or watching a YouTube video, scanning a popular social bookmarking site for a great referral, reviewing an article on DocStoc or a picture on Flickr or reading a review on Yelp.  How many of these people are you reaching?  When your prospects go to these sites today, are they going to find you or will they only find your competition?

No matter how great your website is & no matter how wonderfully it ranks on Google, Yahoo or Bing, if your prospects are not using these search engines for their search, your business will not show up.  A complete online marketing plan must include active Social Media Marketing to enable your potential clients to find you wherever they choose to run their search.

How to get started

Click on either of the 2 service sections below, that list the five critical steps to setting up & managing an effective Social Media Marketing campaign.

Initial Setup Services

1.  Account Creation
2.  Account Linking
3.  Social Branding

Monthly Recurring Social Media Management Services

4.  Fan, Friend & Follower Management 
5.  Regular Posting of Quality Content 


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